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Dawna Lee Heising is an American actress who can play a wide range of characters. She was a member of the Friends and Artists Theatre Group run by Sal Romeo in Los Angeles for twelve years, and belongs to SAG & AFTRA. She has appeared in numerous film, TV and theatre productions, including performing as Dana in "Barbie & the Rockers" at Universal Studios; Cleo the Snake Dancer in "Magnum, P.I."; Michelle in "Waiting for Dracula"; and Honey in "Ugly Shoes". Dawna is also the executive producer and host of the nationally broadcast television series "Eye on Entertainment", and the Hollywood correspondent for MoreHorror.com.

Dawna has a B.S. and MBA from Pepperdine University, and has studied acting at the University of California at Berkeley. She has also trained with Sal Romeo, Mark Majarian, Guy Stockwell and Tepper Gallegos. She continues to study acting with Tim Russ, Richard Hatch and Bob Conrad.  Dawna was Ms. World 2008, and is also a former Miss Los Angeles Chinatown, Miss Orange County Universe, Miss San Francisco Universe, Miss California Hemisphere, Mrs. California United States, Mrs. American Achievement and Ms. U.S. World, among other titles. She has also worked as a swimsuit model for Ujena, Venus Swimwear and Catalina. Dawna is listed in "Who’s Who in Technology", and is the Vice President of Marketing for Sureworks, an innovative Point-of-Sale (POS) software company with a Cloud architecture (http://www.sureworks.com)

Jerry Moore is the East coast producer of "Eye on Entertainment".  The three time "Telly Award" winning TV show, "Monster Madhouse Live", was created in 2006, broadcasting in the Washington, DC area to live television audiences and streaming on the internet to thousands of monster movie fans around the world, and to a whole new generation of "monster kids".  There have been well over 200 episodes of "Monster Madhouse" over the past five years, and the show is aired daily in the suburbs of Washington, DC, on channels 2, 10, 12,30, 35, 38, 39 and 69; FPA-TV.; World30; and Arlington Independent Media.  "Monster Madhouse" and "Eye on Entertainment" are also regularly aired in Dallas; Texas (Dallas I-Media); Southern California; York, Pennsylvania (WRCT-TV); and also around the country through our allied affiliates in the "Horror Host Underground".
Paul Heising, MBA, CFP, is a Certified Financial Planner with many years of experience. He is a partner in Moran, Kimura & Heising LLC in Torrance, California, and the company was listed in the Top 50 Wealth Managers in the January 2011 issue of Los Angeles Magazine. He is a former senior executive in major Fortune 500 companies, and is an Associate Professor in Management and Marketing at Chapman University. He also teaches financial planning courses at UCLA and Santa Monica College. Visit: http://www.smarterdecisions.com/ecard.cfm?ID=93735
Stanley Goodrich, who has co-hosted numerous segments of “Eye on Entertainment” with Eye on Entertainment Executive Producer Dawna Lee Heising, plays Fitch in the “Alien’s Wife” series. Fitch, a recurring character, is an FBI agent who is convinced that an alien survived the Roswell crash. Goodrich’s full-time profession is that of Public Relations Manager for a computer software company. He is a graduate of UC Berkeley, where he received both his Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees. Stan also writes a column for a Palm Springs publication about “The Golden Age of Hollywood”.

Dawna is also the Hollywood Correspondent for MoreHorror.com.  The Founder and President of the premier horror film review site MoreHorror.com is Seth Metoyer, who is also the Producer and Co-owner of Dismal Productions with Bill Oberst Jr.  MoreHorror.com contributors include: Shannon Hilson – Co-founder, Vice President and Senior Writer; Mike Pickle – Vice President of Operations and Senior Writer; Jason Lees – Senior Writer; Colleen Wanglund – Contributing Writer; Chris Wright – Contributing Writer; Crash Preston – Convention Reporter; Marcey Papandrea – Contributing Writer; Jesse Miller – Contributing Writer; Michael Sieber – Contributing Writer; Jamie Zaccaria – Contributing Writer; and Robert Salcido – Video Editor.

  Thank you to Eye on Entertainment and MoreHorror editors:  Renah Wolzinger, John Cox, Astraes Locke, Thomas J. Pierce II and Kyle Fong!